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VAPRUN DIY Boxes are the easiest way to start learning how to DIY.

Simply pour your concentrate bottle into your VG|PG bottle, add nicotine and flavor shots as you wish, shake, steep & vape!


VAPRUN flavor concentrates are a proprietary blend you can only find right here!

Ranging from savory to fruity, if you want it, we have it. We don’t have it? We’ll make it! Just ask…nicely.


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on offering award winning eliquid recipes sourced from reputable manufacturers in an inexpensive, easy, and friendly way!

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Every order can be customized for flavor and nicotine. Vape the way you want to!

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I love the personal touch that was sent to me. It doesn’t take much to write a thank you on a package and I just love it. Very impressed. And I haven’t even tasted the juice yet!!!

Katie E.

Mobile, AL

Their E-Juice is the best tasting Juice & not expensive at all!!

Michael C.

Edgewood, TX

I absolutely love this juice. It has a great flavor but not over powering like most cereal flavors do. I guarantee i will buy this on a regular basis.

Steven B.

Farmington, MI

The customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered.

Barbara K.

Denver, CO

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Quite the unsung hero, VG|PG ratios happen to be the base of all eliquids. It represents the most used ingredient in the entire bottle, effects your flavor, and gives you clouds! These simple, flavorless, colorless, boring, cheap ingredients do the most work, but is often forgotten. Today we discuss things to consider when deciding which VG|PG ratio you should aim for in any DIY eliquid endeavor...
Flavor concentrates are highly concentrated extracts from natural or synthetic food products. They can be manufactured to taste like just about any fruit, vegetable or food product you can imagine. Strawberries, bananas, kiwis and other fruits are the most common products extracted into a concentrate...
Nicotine is a chemical containing nitrogen and is derived from various plants. Nicotine is more commonly known to be extracted from tobacco, however, in the vaping world nicotine is more commonly extracted from vegetables such as egg plant, tomatoes and the plant parts of papaya...

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